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Technology and manufacturing partner for products made of aluminum die casting and steel



The quality objectives are formulated in our quality policy:


The generally applicable quality policy includes the zero-defect program and is to be observed and implemented by all our employees for all company processes.
Quality is the basic prerequisite for the satisfaction and strength of our customers and the resulting competitiveness, combined with the economic success of the company.
The promotion of employee satisfaction and quality awareness is a constant management task throughout the company.
Continuous improvements are the basis for competitiveness and steady success.
Through innovations and new developments, customer satisfaction and loyalty in existing business relationships are increased as well as the acquisition of new customers is supported and, in the long term, competitiveness in international comparison is strengthened.
ZI Aluminium-Druckguss will intensify the already close and cooperative partnership with its internal as well as external customers and suppliers.
As part of its social responsibility, the company ZI Aluminium-Druckguss strives for appropriate care with regard to product safety and minimization of potential risks for all interested parties as well as the environment and is committed to compliance with legal requirements. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


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