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Powder coating

in all RAL colors and intermediate shades

In powder coating, color powder is electrostatically charged and applied to the material with a powder gun - you determine the color shade yourself. The prerequisite is that the material to be coated is electrically conductive, such as steel or aluminum.

After thorough pre-treatment, which is very important for the quality of the powder coating, the color coating is then baked in the baking oven at a temperature between 140 ° and 200 ° C.
The solvent-free powder coatings, which are produced in all RAL colors and any desired intermediate tone, are based on different binders, such as polyurethane resins, epoxy resins or polyester resins. The baking process produces a uniformly dense coating that is highly resistant and antibacterial, and also provides a high level of corrosion protection. Powder coating is also characterized by high lightfastness and weather resistance, impact resistance and scratch resistance. Other advantages include chemical resistance, formability and good electrical dissipation properties.



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